Six: Let's, you, me, and 500,000 fellow Americans go to Mexico City or Paris illegally, with a big USA flag, march through the streets demanding citizenship and social services, chanting "USA! USA!" and "I'm In My Homeland!" and "I'm Not A Criminal!" And of course let's take our kids out of school to participate in our activity.

I think this strategy might backfire


Paul Hue said...

Six: Maybe we can pull this stunt in Quebec, and get some of that "free" healthcare. (And by "free", of course I mean paid for by American consumers.)

Paul Hue said...

Perhaps the LA protesters should also demand that employers not be able to fire anybody; we can add this demand to our protests in France: Give us citizenship, and guaranteed jobs!

Paul Hue said...

I'm mostly on the side of the illegal Mexican immigrants. On balance they are people who behave constructively and contribute to the society. The laws are preposterous since they illegalize what is obviously normal behavior; hence 11 million law violators (not counting the citizens who hire them). Nations with strictor immigration laws tend to have worse economies, such as France... and even Mexico!

I find it amusing and revealing that 500,000 Mexicans in Mexico City don't demand that Mexico adopt the immigration policies that these Los Angeleno protesters are demanding of the US. It appears that Mexico has a problem (is it a problem?) with illegal immigrants from *their* southern border, and many Mexicans want a wall and strict enforcement. Very interesting, no? Perhaps Salvadorans in Mexico illegally should demand citizenship while waving Salvadoran flags?

Paul Hue said...

I support the illegal immigrants. Overall, it seems that population provides a net benefit, paying more in taxes and reduced prices than they cost in social services. I suspect and assume that over time they and their children do very well in this country, perhaps better than native Americans.

The problem is that one of the reasons they are doing so well is that they work "off the books" and can thus negotiate labor contracts without regulations. Apparently this works for all parties involved as these workers continue streaming in, and people continue hiring them. But because their immigration is also "off the books," some fraction of criminals get in. Is there a way to easily let non-criminal workers in, without qualifying the workers for labor regulations?

Paul Hue said...

My advice to these protesters:

1. Wave only American flags.
2. The bigger the flags, the better.
3. The more American flags, the better.
4. In speaches and placards, express only positive comments about the US. Message: We love the US, we are grateful to be here, please let us stay, please let us become citizens, please let us contribute, please let more come, please make it easy to do so legally, we are sorry we came illegially, but you make it hard to come here legally and it's really, really bad were we come from. Thanks!

Nadir said...

Paul, Go the hell back to Europe!

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I've never been to Europe. Thus I can't go "back" there.

What is your view on this subject, by the way?