Dick Morris: Bush Will Succeed in Iraq as Clinton did in Bosnia

Dick Morris says that Bush is succeeding Iraq, and will succeed just as -- he says -- Clinton succeeded in Bosnia. Look for an earlier rendition of a Moa aphorism favored by Nadir...

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Nadir said...

That's a pretty rosy picture that Morris paints there. I think it is bullshit though.

There is a critical difference between Bosnia and Iraq. In Bosnia the three sides were killing each other before NATO and UN intervention. The presence of outsiders had a calming presence as the military was made up of peace keepers.

In Iraq US-led bombings ignited the violence. The military invaders are seen as invaders. Attacks against US forces have declined as Iraqi police have taken on more of a role in defense. In fact, you will recall that early targets of insurgent strikes were the lines of police recruits. Now that the country is inflamed by sectarian violence (the reverse of Bosnia) only two outcomes can prevail: 1. the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds will fight it out for dominance or 2. they will join together to expell the invaders.

On Morris's notion that Iraqis use violence as a form of "negotiation": Did they use this type of violence against Saddam? Surely the Kurds did, but how about the majority Shiites?

Of course, we must remember that Saddam had the backing of US weapons and resources to keep his people in line. Who is the US backing in the current conflict?