US Invasion Brings Democracy to Iraq - NOT!

An Afghan man is being tried in a court in Kabul for his conversion from Islam to Christianity. He could be sentenced to death for the act and his refusal to recant.

Yet, the notion has been advanced repeatedly (here and elsewhere) that a US invasion of Afghanistan and the "democratic elections" there brought democracy to this country.

So what gives?


Paul Hue said...

This is horrible. But the article indicates that the nation's govt has indeed advanced sustantially towards democracy, though certainly we may not yet label the govt as democratic. Will it stagnate, or even revert fully? Do the democratic aspects qualify as "significant"? I am not sure, but neither am I yet convinced that the US efforts there will not lead to that most magnificent and miraculous revolutions, democracy: people ruling themselves, and recognizing and observing liberties for each other.

I am amused and appalled by this comment, by the judge -- an islamic retard -- unable to comprehend his own contradition: "We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so we will forgive him." In other words, "islam" is tollerent enough to permit a heretic to recant rather than execute him. Backwards? Unsophisticated? Worse, I would say.

Perhaps Nadir would share my assessment, if the judge was white and the religion christian. White christians did behave this way, of course, hundreds of years ago. It was retarded then, and even more so now, since vast swaths of humanity now live and thrive in communities where people freely practice any -- or no -- religion.

Paul Hue said...

This article does at least show that the Afgahn govt is no US puppet; in this case, unfortunately.

Paul Hue said...

Maybe Snoop Doggy Dogg and Jammie Fox will stage a massive celebrity fest for him, given their passion for supporting people on death row.