Iran Freedom Concert

Maybe those kooky, krazy WCW kidz could make this worthwhile rally. Distorted Soul could perform!


No Freedom To Rock

Last Updated: March 6, 2006 The essential elements of the Iran Freedom Concert are illegal in Iran: live singing, females singing to males, mixed dancing, social messages, and performing without a permit. Indeed, "underground" music has a different meaning in Iran. After the 1979 Islamic revolution, most Western music and musical instruments were banned. The mullahs have now eased restrictions, but nightclubs are illegal and musical performances must be approved by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance. Most bands can get permission to perform as along as their music is instrumental. Fans have to stay seated - dancing and even moving energetically in your seat - is forbidden. O-Hum, a popular band from Tehran, was banned from releasing a record because it was deemed "culturally incompatibile". Another popular band called 127 (see photo) has to practice in a soundproof bunker inside and has been allowed to play only four concerts in the past four years. The hard-rock band Mine cannot play in public at all, due to the Iranian government's recently imposed ban on the performance of Western music (rock songs are now banned from Iranian radio). To make matters worse, they have a female vocalist. The all-female band Orkideh was granted a permit to perform - but for women only.


Paul Hue said...

Nadir: Would you consider performing for this group?

Nadir said...

Of course, I would. I think it is a great cause. Totalitarianism should be stopped, no matter who the offending government is.

Nadir said...

I don't have much that I can say that is positive about the Iranian government. I also don't believe saying the US should not attack Iran is not supporting the Iranian government. It is opposing US aggression. Two different things.

Tom Philpott said...

Playing in a concert promoting domestic freedoms and urging on an air assault, followed by a huge infusion of ground troops, are two different things. Those in need of liberation would likely pelt Nadir with roses for playing a concert; and home-made bombs for participating in an invasion.