US Puppet Govt in Iraq?

Leftists insist that Bush has installed a puppet govt in Iraq. Yet the most pro-US candidates keep losing the lections. And now Iraq's interim president -- whom the US liked, but lost in the regular election -- has contradicted Bush's claims that a civil war isn't occuring now in Iraq. I leave it to the leftists to demonstrate how the Iraqi govt is a US puppet, and if they can't, to forgo this declaration.


Tom Philpott said...

It would be a bit extreme, wouldn't it, amid the chaos of Baghdad, to go round denying the civil war? Even in that bubble of delusion, the Green Zone, it would be politically difficult to parrot the musings emanating from that bubble of delusion, the White House.

Paul Hue said...

So where is your evidence for labeling Iraq's govt a US puppet? If this guy had denied a civil war, surely you would cite that as evidence that he's a mere puppet. However, his failure to win election counters the puppet charactorization.