GOP: While Iraq burns, let's ban gay marriage!

And while we're at it, let's take a poke at abortion and come out solidly in favor of the Pledge of Allegiance!
From the venerable right-wing Weekly Standard:

Change the Subject
By Fred Barnes
POLITICS IS PRETTY SIMPLE. If the debate in an upcoming election puts your party at a disadvantage, it makes sense to try to change the debate. At the moment, the 2006 midterm election is framed as a referendum on the Bush administration and congressional Republicans, putting Republican candidates on the defensive. Party strategists, led by chairman Ken Mehlman, want to rejigger the debate so it's about a choice between candidates, putting Democratic candidates on the defensive as well. In short, they want it to be a choice election, not a referendum election.
House Republicans, for their part, intend to seek votes on measures such as the Bush-backed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a bill allowing more public expression of religion, another requiring parental consent for women under 18 to get an abortion, legislation to bar all federal courts except the Supreme Court from ruling on the constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance, a bill to outlaw human cloning, and another that would require doctors to consider fetal pain before performing an abortion.


Paul Hue said...

Tom: I very much agree with you and Nadir on these points:

1) These issues are minor, whereas the Iraq issue is super major.

2) Changing the subject from a major issue to a minor issue to win an election is abhorrent (though I supppose politically smart).

3) I oppose the republican posisitions on each of these issues.

Nadir said...

Though I've seen a few articles outlining Republican strategies for the 2006 election, I find little evidence that Democrats have a cohesive plan to retaliate. The Dems squandered a prime opportunity to attack Bush with Feingold's censure initiative, though I believe their base would have supported them.

If nothing changes, I predict that the Republicans will again ignite the extreme right-wing of their base while the Democrats will continue to confuse and alienate their strong anti-war, pro-social justice base. The result: another rout for the Republicans, and disaster for the US in 2007.