South Park vs. Scientology

I dislike South Park. I find it very unfunny. But I admire that its creators have lampooned christians and muslims, and now scientologists. I wonder if they will have the guts to continue lampooning islam and mohammad. I understand that they've depicted mohammad in years past, and hope they have the guts to re-broadcast those episodes, or even more courageously ressurect him in new episides. Now they are battling the scientologists, and in some very funny comments here explain that they will not back down. Perhaps George Clooney can pick up some points about being courageous.


Paul Hue said...

In order to gain Nadir's support, the Scientologists should go on murdersous rampages of arson.

Nadir said...

I like SouthPark. I think it is funny in spite of the toilet humor and offensive nature of the content. They have offended me in the past, but most often they leave me laughing my ass off.

I was surprised that they aired an episode attacking Scientology because of Isaac Hayes' membership in the organization. Obviously, they felt no loyalty to Hayes for his 10 years' contribution to their work. That's the most offensive part of all this to me.

Is Hayes being hypocritical? Absolutely. But what is funny to one person is blasphemy to others, and vice versa. It's not quite so funny when it hits home.

We all have a line that we don't want others to cross. I'm sure the irreverent Stone and Parker (and Paul Hue) have lines they don't want crossed themselves.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: You really think that loyalty to Hayes translates into not lampooning his religion? How about Hayes's loyalty to South Park's creators, who have paid and promoted him for ten years, and not demanding that they make a special case for his religion, by sparing it from the very purpose of South Park, which is to lampoon all aspects of society (including the religions of their relatives and other employees)?

Nadir said...

The purpose of South Park is to make people laugh.

I said Hayes was being hypocritical. Did you just skip that part of my comment?

Nadir said...

The episode was first aired last year, and we heard no complaints from Isaac then. He probably caught flack for it from other Scientologists, and when the subject of another airing of the episode came up, he had to make a stand. I respect that. He made his choice.

Paul Hue said...

I noticed that you labled Hayes as hypocritical, but I noted that you did not fault him for this. You only faulted the South Parkers for not manifesting their loyalty to Hayes by honoring his desire to not have his weirdo religion lampooned.

Nadir said...

Isn't hypocrisy always a fault? I think it is. I'm not going to go out and burn copies of "Hot Buttered Soul", but I agree with Parker and Stone that he is being hypocritical.

Again, everyone has a line that they don't want crossed. There is certainly no fault in that. And I respect Hayes for standing up for his convictions and quitting, though perhaps he should have never taken the job if he felt bad about their lampooning of religion.

My guess? Tom Cruise gave Isaac Hayes shit.