Bush Ineptitude Kills 7 In Hawiian Dam Bust

Why didn't George Bush fix this Hawiian damn? Does he think that black people live down from it? How long will it take FEMA to get there? (Prediction: 7 days). Will Bush stop whatever he's doing to take charge of this situation? Has Bush yet fixed all the infrastructure problems on the west coast that will guarantee zero deaths in the face of a massive earthquake there?


Tom Philpott said...

Did the Army Corps of Engineers build and maintain this Hawaiian "damn"? Was it widely know to be in danger of bursting? Did the federal government know several days in advance that a catastrophic event was likely on its way? Did significant bumbling continue several days after Fema showed up?
Was it the most significant and widely anticipated natural disaster to strike a US city in several generations?
Just wondering....

Paul Hue said...


1. Did the Army Corps of Engineers build and maintain the NO levees? No: They designed only some of the levees, and of those, they paid local contractors to build them, and we know now that the local contractors failed to meet the Army Corps's specs.

2. Were the NO levees widely known to be in danger of bursting? Yes, at least since 1985, which was 20 years ago, when the first govt report broadcast this prediction. Bush II did no more or less than Clinton did.

3. Did the fed govt know several dayys in advance that a catastrophic event in NO was on its way? Yes, for about the 13th time in 20 years, NO and the feds braced for a Cat 4 hurricane predicted to hit NO. Bush's FEMA prepared *exactly* as Clinton's FEMA did, but had the misfortune of actually having the prediction come true. By the way: NO's mayor and LA's governer reacted the same way that they and their predisessors always have, which includes disregarding and violating their own official hurricane preparation plans (which call for forced evacuations using school buses).

4. Did significant bumbling continue for days after FEMA arrived in NO? Yes, of course it did. This **ALWAYS** happens when FEMA shows up. FEMA remains under Bush what it has always been: a monsterously wastful, bumbling monstrosity that enables local people to forsake preparation and response and just wait for a massive bumbling hand-out out machine to come rumbling into town distributing checks to people who haven't even suffered any losses (among other outrageous activities). Only this time, hundreds of reporters documented every bumble, and millions of Americans cared to notice.

5. Was Katrina the most significant and widely anticipated natural disaster in several generations? Yes; and it was no less anticipated under Clinton, especially the half-dozen or so times when meteorologists predicted a Cat 4 huricane to strke NO. Did Clinton's FEMA prepare any differently than Bush's? No.