US Military Spreads More Democracy at Baghdad Killing 20

The US military in Iraq is facing growing political pressure over a raid on a Baghdad mosque complex that left about 20 people dead on Sunday evening.

US officials said 16 insurgents had been killed and 18 captured, along with a significant weapons cache.

However, members of Iraq's ruling Shia Islamist bloc say many of the dead were civilians taking part in prayers.

More collateral damage in a senseless war.


Paul Hue said...

Good thing that the wars that Nadir approves (Castro, Magabe, etc.) never had any collateral damage.

Nadir: No advocate of this war ever promised that there would be zero collateral damage. What many advocates did claim is that resistence to democracy would be slim. What is the cause of civillian casulties in Iraq? I say the people who are targetting civilians and who are determined to prevent self-rule and individual freedoms.

Paul Hue said...


Was it a Mosque? Or was it an office building that some called a mosque? Did it contain an Iraqi hostage held-for-ransom? Did it contain lots of arms? Did shia militia doctor the battle scene by dragging dead comrades into the building after the battle?

How many cathedrals in Germany got bombed in WWII?