More Rare Race Crimes

Here's a deranged mental case going after an Arabian person in a Detroit-area gas station. The article refers to earlier incidents in the area months ago, including a cross burned on the house of family comprising a black and a white spouse in Taylor, Mi, and racist defacing of black family's home in Dearborn. We all deplore these actions, but debate if they represent a significant phenomenon. I still say these are rare incidents, and that non-white people in the US rarely encounter them. Heck, we in Westland, Mi live in the Nazi's freakin' US headquarters (but not so's you'd notice!), in a state once heavily active with KKKers, in a city and area that formerly had few or no blacks, and none of us have ever been targetted, or even heard of anybody getting targetted.

Before anybody says that I wouldn't be targets of the KKK, Nazis, or similar sorts, please read-up on their stated views on, and histories involving, "race traitors" and "race mixers." The confederates executed white Union troops serving with black troops; Slave state laws regarding insurrections, and plots for slave insurrections, mandated executions for all white accomplices; and of course I have my own memories of terrorism from KKKers and similar sorts in just this situation.

Blacks in Detroit still will, on average, find MUCH more security (for their property and persons) moving into subburban honkey neighborhoods. That's why annually a net of about 10,000 blacks leave Detroit for those refuges.


Nadir said...

These isolated incidents of racism prove that racism exists, though because of laws prohibiting "hate crimes" they are less frequent.

Many of the whites who used to populate fabled racist surburban strongholds like Dearborn, Livonia and Westland have moved to Livingston County. Howell has hosted the auction of KKK memorabilia, and the rural areas of the state offer more solitude for militia training.

You can continue to deny or laugh off the existence of this element in your backyard. I choose to remain awake and vigilant.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I would never "laugh off" these allegations, or deny the existence of ones that occur. And neither I nor Tom Sowell have denied that white-on-black racism exists; clearly as you say, these incidents prove that they exist. I believe I'm as vigilent against them as you are.

I just believe that from 1976 to 2006 these incidents have gone from a level of significence to a level of insignificance in the lives of black folks. And not because of "hate crime" laws; rather, white folks as a group have wringed racism from their culture, leaving now only so little left that black folks are free to persue their dreams approximately unfettered by it.

"Hate Crime" laws haven't kept your home or mine from getting vandalized by white bigots; the approximate eradication of white bigotry has.