Against Tax-Funded Sports Stadiums

Tom and Nadir: Can you guys join me in opposing govt involvement in the construction of professional sports stadiums? Notice one of the claims made here: "the results of studies on changes in the economy resulting from the presence of stadiums, arenas and sports teams show no positive economic impact." And this fact: "out that of $20 billion spent in the 20th century on stadiums, $14.7 billion came from government subsidies." I consider tax funding of entertainment venues to be inappropriate, perhaps even unconstitutional. Imagine if officials had used the $14.7 billion to renovate parks and streets, or to build rail systems... or even simply left this money in the hands of citizens, for them to decide how to spend. Sports team owners only demand tax funding because voters appease these demands. Does anybody doubt that if voters stopped approving these expendatures, that team owners would build these monstrocities anyway?


Tom Philpott said...

Public support of pro sports stadiums is only another form of corporate welfare.

Paul Hue said...

Tom: I agree. It is reprehensible. Repubicans, who claim to support small govt, must oppose this, or they are abject hypocrits with nowhere to hide.

Nadir said...

The government should fund public stadiums only if they are used for temporary housing or job creation for homeless individuals in those cities. Let homeless people live in those big buildings and work the games so they can earn the money to purchase their own homes.

Otherwise, I agree. It is corporate welfare that doesn't help our communities.