A Bigger, Blacker GOP

As predicted a few years ago by me: Blacks will rise faster and higher in the repo party than they ever have in the demo party. One reason is that white folks no longer care about race. Honkey conservatives are as happy to vote for a black candidate who supports their issues as they are for a white candidate. However, demos incorrectly think that white folks *do* care about race (liberal whites claim that while *they're* not racist, surely those *repo* honkies are). This leads to great miscalculations on their part. The repos lose no white voters by putting blacks on the ticket. However, they *do* stand to gain some black voters, whose connection to demos is much less solid than voting statistics suggest: while 90% of blacks vote demo, a far lower fraction of blacks support demos on key issues such as gay rights, abortion rights, school prayer, taxes, and school vouchers.

The *only* thing keeping the black vote so high for demos is the misconception that "republicans are racist" and simple social momentum. As many of my friends say, "I want lower taxes and school vouchers, but I just can't bring myself to vote republican." Putting a black candidate on the ticket stands to cause a substantial fraction of black voters to switch over to the party that more closely matches their position on the issues.

Meanwhile, by putting blacks on a demo ticket, what do the demos gain?

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