Leftist Taliban Continues Harvard Pres. Censorship Quest

Well, at least the leftist profs aren't staging violent riots. Nor are the rightist Taliban who continue their campaign to fire Colorado prof Ward Churchill. I just wish these US censors could see themselves reflected in the actions of those murderously retarded muslims, who have now started attacking christian churches and killing worshipers inside. Sadly, the US censors just think that the muslim tryants should merely stage boycotts to demand that the cartoonists get fired. Can't everybody just grow up, and permit free expression? Well, I suppose not retarded people.


Tom Philpott said...

Surely our leftie Taliban profs are merely excercising their right to assemble and speak freely, no?
Historically, professors ran universities--answering, of course, to the Church. Today, it's bureaucrats, often ones not from disciplines that meet your approval. Remember, Bill Cunningham, president of our alma mater, University of Texas? He was a "scholar of sales," as we called him in my old college magazine, Polemicist--a professor of marketing! These types, big-time economist Summers included, don't answer to professors but rather the monied interests that fund the university: the research-sponsoring corporations, the Department of Defense and its big bag of largesse, the wealthy alumnae. I think it's pretty old school and great that Harvard's faculty is exercising its right to oust a president.
Note on Summers, a Clintonista from way back. Why does the right hate Cinton, again?

Paul Hue said...

Surely our leftie Taliban profs are merely excercising their right to assemble and speak freely, no?

They are using their right to free speach in order to exact a harsh penalty on another's expression. They are, in effect, nullifying the first ammendment, performing themselves what what ammendment prevents governmnet agents from doing. With conduct like this, the first ammendment is meaningless.

I urge you to change your mind about this: university professors using their right to oust a president doing so not for the president quashing the free speach (on behalf of big business, or whatever) of others, but for speaking freely himself. Yes, I agree that we all have the right to effectively stop people from speaking freely. Should we?

Paul Hue said...

Congradulations, Tom. University presidents now know for sure that if they better not say anything that leftists deem to be "insulting" (the Harvard prez just resigned). We'll see if the rightists succeed in getting Ward Churchill fired. Do you support that, too? His faculty senate has supported him so far. What if they switch their support? Or do you support university professors firing their own only for insulting leftists?

So far the rules for university professors are:

You can say, "The 911 victims were little Eichmans", but you cannot say that "Perhaps average gender technical aptitude contributes to gender disparity in the sciences."