Constitution or Suicide Pact?

"When he (Osama) has nuclear weapons, such threats cannot be ignored, when the choice is between knuckling under or seeing American cities blasted off the face of the earth.

That is the point of no return -- and we are drifting towards it, chattering away about legalisms and politics."


Tom Philpott said...

Oh, I see. We have to choose the Constitution or obliteration. Put another, let Uncle Georgie spy on us or we all die. Fascism flourished on fear, on people surrendering their critical-thinking skills en masse, whipped into a frenzy by a charismatic leader. Uncle George's mystique is a mystery to me, but his ability to impose his will on just enough of the population is formidible. It's time to get these cheap-jack hustlers and their op-ed hacks the hell out of here.

sixstringslinger said...

Thomas Sowell's a real op-ed hack, isn't he. What a bunch of baloney.

Okay Tom, fine. Since you've got it all figured out, have it your way, smart guy. But I swear to God, if we do get hit by another 9-11 type attack, or God forbid, worse, I swear I'd better not hear one God-damn peep out of you about "why didn't Bush do more to prevent the attack!".

But then again, there is no terrorist threat, is there Tom? So what am I worrying about?