Muslim Editor Publishes "Antagnonistic" cartoons

Nadir: South Africa's leading newspaper published the cartoons. The editor's recieved death threats. She's a muslim. Since some muslims (like her) want journalists (and the rest of us) to freely express our views -- even if our expression includes cartoons of mohammad -- will you respect the views of these muslims only if they start killing their opponents? And what then? What if a new group of muslims emerges, one that considers it an "insult" for any human to impose islam on other humans, and uses violence to enforce publication of mohammad cartoons? Then were does your logic lead us?

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Nadir said...

It is well known that Muslims often chastise other Muslims for failing to follow the tenets of Islam.

By the way, Jacques Chrirac agrees with my logic. Why provoke people to violence when it isn't necessary? Insulting people just to insult them (like you do all the time) is stupid, offensive and boring. If someone then wants to knock your block off, I believe that to a degree they are justified because you provoked them.