2nd & 3rd Racist University MLK Parties; Clemson & UConn

Two more racist honkey college student MLK Day parties have surfaced, these at major universities, Clemson & UConn. We reported and lambasted a similar party, at tiny unheard of Tarleton State University near Dallas. All got busted due to photos posted on-line, and all took the theme "gansta' party". These ignorant crackers associate MLK Day with the buffoonish characters that they see on BET and MTV rap videos, and think that it's funny to emulate them. I hope that they pay a steep social price for this, as indeed they seem to be. We righties think that universities have been inundated with PC-think. Apparently many white students have proven impervious to the PC movement, and in the most horrendous way.

I do admit that my view on the amount of white racism still extant in the US does not predict the survival of these types of parties at this late date, and that if three have been uncovered that must mean that there are more out there that have escaped detection. The massive institutional and social outrage visited on these fools, however, does support my perspective. All of the participants are apologizing and hiding from the public amid massive official and unofficial outrage.


Nadir said...

Paul, your calculations about the amount of white racism have been suspect for a long time> These parties are much less offensive than the redlining of real estate in Detroit, racism in promotions at Ford or the racist practice of not calling individuals for interviews if they have an ethnic sounding name.

The racism that existed in the 60s has only gone underground. Those racist parents had kids that they taught to be racist. Those kids now have children and they are passing on that legacy. It has evolved a bit, and because the US is more integrated, some of the ignorance has disappeared, but a lot of it is still here.

Paul Hue said...

If there is "redlining" and "racism in promotions", I agree that is worse than some college honkies having ghetto parties... although we must recognize that these honkies belong to the pool of future "decision-makers."

I. Redlining: I am interested to find any evidence of this still occurring. That would entail finding two areas with the similar rates of crime, and differing only by racial composition, with the blacker area getting higher insurance rates than the whiter area. Please direct me to any evidence that this occurs.

II. Racism in corporate promotions: I assume that some of this exists, because we can prove that it occurs in such areas as:
1. Administration of professional and collegiate sports wherein black athletes predominate.
2. Casting in Hollywood films and TV shows, which a recent survey of approved scripts found just 8% roles for blacks, where we can assume that the pool of qualified actors at least contains the 12% black fraction of the general US population. Also, director Tim Burton explicitly stated in print that he cast only whites for his horrible Willy Wonka remake. 8% represents 67% of what we would expect from racism-free casting is a "high F". Would a similar study of blacks in corporate structures show better or worse, considering that the pool of qualified blacks falls below their 12% fraction of the population? I am very curious for a quantification of this question.
3. National democratic political positions surely indicate racism, since about 40% of all democratic voters are black; what is the percent of blacks holding national offices and staff positions for democrats? I don't see how anything but racism can explain this.

Meanwhile, I know many black folks working in corporations, and they are all doing very well. I now of zero non-prosperous blacks who gained corporate-promotion qualifications for themselves.

Obviously racism exists in the administration of college and professional sports where black athletes dominate, but

III. Not calling people with names like "Shaqueesha": The news has reported about studies indicating just this. However, these studies also indicate that blacks employers practice this prejudice themselves. Anecdotally I hear black folks – educated, professional, prosperous blacks, even some with these sorts of names – deriding these types of names, and declaring that they will never subject their own kids to such names. To what extent have people with such names created for themselves a bad reputation?

In any case, a huge population of hard-working black folks exist, and it is one of the most prosperous on earth... despite some lingering corporate prejudice, and prejudice against people with outlandish names. The way is clear for the non-prosperous blacks: ignore honkies and focus on yourself and your own choices. Previous generations have won victories that enable you to now control your own destiny.

Paul Hue said...


Some blacks are blaming not the cracker partiers, but rather the MTV/BET bafoons and the black fans who enshrine them in the popular culture. Also we learn here that at least one of these parties had some black participants. Even some black commentators are concluding that the honkies are not making anti-black commentaries, but rather just grabbing from an assortment of lame pop characters.

Paul Hue said...


Yet anther one discovered, at a small school in MN.