White Chick Falsey Accuses Black Man of Rape

In Heartford, Conn. a white chick named Rosemarie Clark told cops that a 300lb black man raped her in a park. The cops arrested nobody, but leaned on her enough that her story started changing. That caused them and the assigned prosecutor (who never went on TV to announce that an enormous 300lb black rapist was on the loose) to conclude conclude that she was lying, even though "she still maintains that a rape occurred". They decided to arrest her for filing a false police report, until some "rape councilors" convinced them not to... until local "black community activities" talked them back into doing the right thing: arresting her.

The comparisons to the Duke Rape hoax are obvious:

1. Her personal life was a mess and included drug use.
2. Area black leaders automatically took the side of the black person, in this case one that didn't exist; when the accuser's story fell apart, the NAACP stepped in and demanded her arrest.
3. Conservatives (white and black) didn't automatically side with the white person; in this case they didn't automatically embrace Clark and demand a dragnet for black men, and they didn't stick by her when her lies became obvious. The conservatives have been consistent in these cases, opposing fake accusers of either "race".

Differences: Nobody supported the fake accuser once her lies became apparent, the DA didn't stick by the fake accuser, and the local black activists took the correct side. The NAACP in Durham is still backing the Magnum, pressuring the new state AG's office that has taken the case from disgraged DA Nifong! How does the NAACP justify opposing the honkey chick Clark who falsely accused an unidentified black man, but support the black chick Magnum who has managed to get three innocent men arrested?

In the same city shortly after a 16-year-old girl filed a rape report, only to have herself also charges with filing a false police report. These articles also discuss the Clark case, and provide further refutation to the claim that "women never lie about rape."

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