Afghanistan Defies US, Won’t spray heroin

Amen! The US anti-drug prohibition is one of the stupidest government efforts in the history of humanity, causing massive unnecessary misery in the US, and even abroad. If US citizens want to consume drugs, they will, and if a struggling poor nation has the capacity to supply this demand, why stop them? Regulated and legal drugs will create fewer health problems for US citizens, and eliminate about half of the US prison population, creating more productive people and a lower tax drain. Legalize and regulate! Stand tall Afghan drug makers!


Nadir said...

If drug dealers like Pfizer and Merck are allowed to peddle their wares, then so too should Afghan poppy farmers, Columbian coca plantations and California's canabis growers.

Free the land!

Paul Hue said...

Amen, brother. But if you and I have our way, perhaps Pfizer and Merck will peddle the recreational drugs. In any case, legalize, free US citizens who consume and deal, as well as the third world producers.