Duke Accuser Magnum's Story Changes... AGAIN!

The defense attorneys are earning their dough just keeping up with Magnum's changing story. (Also here and here among many new articles triggered by this new development; also Ann Coulter asks for a single modern day example of rich white guys raping a poor black girl.).

The crazy DA Nifong, nor any of his agents, hadn't even interviewed her directly until this past December, a week or so after the director of the private DNA lab (retained when the regular lab's testing cleared the accused) admitted that he and Nifong agreed withhold exculpatory evidence. In the DA office's first interview with Magnum, we learn now these new claims... which contain just as many contradictions as her various rounds of claims to various police and other officials.

1. She arrived not just before midnight, but rather 40 minutes earlier.
2. The rape began before midnight and ended just before midnight, conveniently before the iron-clad alibi of one of the accused, who left in a cab just after midnight, right at the start of the time line that Nifong had previously documented.
3. One of the three accused "just watched" and did not participate in any of the oral, vaginal, and anal assaults.

This new time line occurs while somebody was talking on Magnum's cell phone, and while somebody was talking on one of the accusers. Also, time stamped photographs have a smiling Magnum dancing after this timeline. And her dance partner surely didn't arrive during this time line, and Magnum had previously claimed that the partner witnessed part of the rape, which the partner denies.

What frightens me is that if the accuser Magnum and the DA Nifong had their acts together, they could successfully convict these innocent guys. That's what happened to Mike Tyson, or rather I should say, no evidence exists to demonstrate that Tyson raped his accuser, other than her consistent word.

Also: 60 Minutes has the DNA lab director admitting that he gave Nifong the evidence of five other men's sexual DNA on Magnum prior to Nifong indicting the players. Remember that Nifong used this private DNA firm to preform even more sophisticated tests after the first, usual tests failed to confirm Magnum's story. The second testing did as well, but additionally falsified Magnum's claim to have had no consensual sex in the days prior to her rape fakery.

Even the New York Times has turned on Magnum, saying that each of her statements -- including the new one -- have contradicted all of the others.

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