Let's End Airport Security

While we're at it, let's eliminate the Homeland Security office. Surely Nadir will agree with me on these proposals.


Nadir said...

Though I agree that post-911 security measures are stupid, I don't believe security should be eliminated altogether. We should not go back to the days when any bozo could take an AK-47 on a plane undetected.

But passenger searches and observation of behavior opens us for potential civil rights violations.

And what about the fact that most airplane cargo is never screened? It would be easier to put a bomb in a crate and blow an airliner out of the sky than it would be for a suicide bomber to get on a plane.

I agree with the assessment that much of airline security is "security theatre".

I agree with Paul on the need to dismantle the Homeland Security department. A GOP big-government solution that has made the country less safe and less efficient from a more convoluted immigration system to the failures of Katrina to meaningless security color codes to stupid airline security procedures.

Ditto for combining the intelligence services.

Paul Hue said...

It appears that Nadir and I are about 90% together on this.