Dearborn Sunnis Vandalize Shias

Some Sunnis in Dearborn have vandalized and threatened area Shia, in retaliation for the execution of Hussein. Either Hussein has supporters here, or some Sunnis sensible enough to despise Hussein are so religiously retarded that they care in this manner about how the bastard was killed. Why haven't you heard of this "hate crime"? Because honkies didn't commit it.


Nadir said...

I heard about this hate crime. You just posted it before I did.

But let me ask you a racially unbiased question:

Was this happening between Shia and Sunnis in the US BEFORE the honkies invaded Iraq?

Paul Hue said...

No it wasn't. And the Night Riders in Georgia didn't terrorize free blacks in Georgia before Lincoln's federal invasion. And the trains in Germany, Japan, and Italy all ran on time, the water all worked, and there were few homeless people prior to the allied invasions of those nations.