NYT: Asians 12% of CA, but 46% of UC-Berkely

"Asian-Americans make up less than 5 percent of the population but typically make up 10 to 30 percent of students at the nation’s best colleges."

In CA, 12% of all residents call themselves "Asian", as do 46% of the students at elite UC-Berkely, for a student / state population composition factor of about 4 (they get admitted to UC-B at 4 times their state population composition). These students have always gotten admitted without Affirmative Action. Why? Because in high school, they take their school work very, very seriously. Maybe that's the answer to boosting black enrollment: black students in high school taking their school work seriously.

But nobody gets AA now at UC govt universities. The result: White students at UC-Berkely comprise only 29% of the population, well below their state composition of 44%, for an admissions factor of3/4 (compared to 4 for Asians). Black student composition equaled about 1/2 of their state comp.

Asians are starting to get mad because despite their huge numbers at elite schools, data show that their admissions numbers would be even *higher* in a truly race-neutral process! At UM-AA (prior to officially eliminating AA recently), "Asian-Americans were admitted at a much lower rate (54 percent) than black applicants (71 percent) and Hispanic applicants (79 percent) — despite median SAT scores that were 140 points higher than Hispanics and 240 points higher than blacks."

"Chancellor Birgeneau says he finds the low proportion of blacks and Hispanics appalling [after elimination of AA there], and two years into his tenure, he has not found a remedy." How about black students in high school adopting the academic attitude of their Asian counterparts?

Hey, you Affirmative Action proponents: In the name of achieving "diversity", do you advocate lowering standards for whites *and* blacks, and increasing standards for Asians, to manipulate these figures to match state demographics? WHY NOT?


Nadir said...

I don't believe that standards should be lowered at all. I believe the public elementary and secondary schools that serve Black and Latino students need to be fixed.

All American public school students - Black and Latino students especially - are not being prepared for a global world where work ethic and intellectual achievement are the tickets to a fulfilling life. In America material shit is the goal. How you earn the money to buy that material shit isn't a consideration.

If we don't repair the broken public schools systems around the country, conditions like those at UC Berkeley will become more common. I have nothing against Asians or anyone else, but I think all students should have the same opportunities.

Most Asians students come from a different socio-economic background than most Blacks and Latinos, meaning their parents often make more money than Black and Latino parents. It is the public schools that need to be balanced to improve the education of those kids who are more disadvantaged.

Parents bare the biggest responsibility here. They are responsible for their children's education. This is why we see the exodus from Detroit Public Schools. It is the school system's fault because they don't see the real problem - they are failing to teach the students and to prepare them for the challenges that face them.

And before you say it, Paul, vouchers are only a band-aid.

Paul Hue said...

How do you know that vouchers are only a band aid?

And if a "band aid", why oppose even that?