Racists Assassinations of Blacks, Hispanics in LA

They "were looking for a black person, any black person, to shoot, the police said, and they found one": a 14-year-old 8th-grade girl. Similar savages are assassinating Hispanics in a similar manner and for the same reasons. We can be certain that these racist brutes are ignorant, and the lowest possible forms of life. Similar people -- poor, ignorant, and otherwise powerless -- raped and lynched blacks in days gone by. Now it's happening again. And like back then, the educated people in power are making excuses and ignoring the situation, refusing to "get tough" with the culprits and their organizations, even sympathizing with and romanticizing those organizations.

The article cites:

- A "conspiracy to intimidate black residents of a northeast Los Angeles neighborhood."
- "A racially motivated attack in neighboring Long Beach on three young women who were visiting a haunted house on Halloween."
- Some anti-Hispanic racists "complained that illegal Latin American immigrants were stealing jobs."
- "... newcomers unaccustomed to living among large numbers of African-Americans, accuse blacks of criminal activity and harassing them."


uptownseteve said...

So where is the article?

Paul Hue said...

Welcome, Uptownsteve. The article is linked to the headline.

uptownseteve said...

I should have known.

What's the point Paul?

Ethnic gangs have warring over urban turf for 70 years.

When I was growing up in the Bronx the neighboring Italian beighborhood had a gang called the
Golden Guineas" who actually murdered at least 2 black youths from my neighborhood.

But you don't want to discuss white violence.

Never do.

Nadir said...

uptownsteve, Paul will discuss white violence, but not as it pertains to its racial overtones. White violence is explained away for its political, economic or social qualities or is assigned as the work of whackos that don't represent white society as a whole.

We could use the same logic to discount these activities among other ethnic groups, but Paul ignores these fact. He often implies that whites are no longer racist and other groups are more racist.

This simply isn't true. All groups have their racists. Whites don't have to act violently as often because as the majority of the power structure, they can use non-violent ways to destroy a person's life. Ways that are often more crippling than violence.

But white folks act with violence as well. It is illegal and frowned upon now, so it happens less frequently. It's harder to get away with it.

Paul Hue said...

Both of you incorrectly represent my position. Here is a factual articulation of my position:

When blacks or whites act like violent racists in 2007, I interpret both sets of perpetrators as lying far outside the norm. However, in the big business press and among leftists, all such actions by whites represent "rampant white racism" and receive national media hype, whereas such actions by non-whites against whites or even other non-whites receives either zero press, or nearly zero press, and nobody loudly concerned with "ending racism" ever ascribes these acts of racism indicative that any non-white group is largely racist.

Furthermore, the statistics are very clear, and have been presented here a few times: interracial crimes are much more often committed by non-whites against whites in modern times, and non-whites fall victim to crimes by other non-whites much more often than by whites. For example, the Duke rape case catered to a myth that white men in modern times frequently rape black women. Yet national crime statistics show that although white men account for about 70% of all males in the US, black women reporting rape rarely cite a white culprit (I believe the figure is less than 1%). Meanwhile, although black men account for only about 12% of the men in the US, white women reporting rape cite a black culprit about half the time (maybe the figure is 40%). Similar data attend reports of robbery and assault.

The data are clear: interracial crimes are rare today, but when they occur nowadays, the victims are more often white.

In the article cited here, organized groups are roaming around a major city looking to assassinate members of particular racial groups, and succeeding a few times each year. Where are there white people doing this today?

Paul Hue said...

If a gang of whites in a major US city -- or even a tiny rural city -- were regularly roaming around assassinating random black or hispanic people, Nadir and Steve would be hyperventilating about this indicating widespread racism amongst whites. But because only black and hispanic gangs are doing this, they ho-hum it away, and draw no conclusion about larger black and hispanic societies. I agree with them that these acts by gangs do not reflect on the larger populations of blacks and Hispanics, but I disagree with them if they can even find such an action by whites in the modern day that this would indicate pervasive white racism.

I await as always for Nadir to describe any concrete examples of whites today acting on racism to destroy the lives of black folks in ways that are as crippling as these people randomly killing other people.