Black-on-White Hate Crime

Some black teen girls assaulted some white teen girls, apparantly for no reason other than that offered by a shout reported of "I hate white people!" Less clear: if police arrested the correct group of girls. Question: what is more frequent these days in the US:

1. White-on-black hate attacks (up until years ago obviously this dominated".
2. Black-on-white hate attacks.
3. Hate attacks not involving whites.

I suspect that 3 is the winner, and the data seem to show that blacks not only commit 90% of all black/white violent crime these days, but also double the per capita black/white assaults classified as "hate crimes."

In any case, racial violence has become a rarity. Most Americans, I reckon, will never even know a person who, since 1985 or so, has experianced interacial violence, much less racially motivated violence. This story made headlines because of this rarity.


Nadir said...

What happened to those women was terrible and racist. No doubt.

Unfortunately, I don't know how they can be sure they got the right defendents.

"On the stand, Alford reconstructed the incident in detail, describing who in the scrum punched and kicked which victim, even who threw lemons and pumpkins at them.

"Under cross-examination, however, she said she was 175 to 300 feet away during the attack, watching over her shoulder and in her rearview mirror. She also conceded that it was too dark to make out what individuals were doing. And her companion that night, called by the defense, testified that they arrived after the beating was over.

"The defendants, who had gone to Bixby Knolls as a group to trick-or-treat, were arrested after having left the scene in two red cars. The defense attorneys attacked the way police conducted the identifications, telling Alford and Hyman they had caught the attackers before showing them the suspects and never testing the witnesses' memories with lineups that included non-suspects. The attorneys played 911 tapes that described the attackers as male.

"But the prosecution had two pieces of physical evidence to bolster the identifications. Hyman's cellphone was found in the car of one of the girls, and one girl had bloodstains on her pants."

One of the girls could have picked up the cellphone and the other may have been nearby and gotten the bloodstains.

Either way, there is nothing positive about this story. Hatred and racism are horrible things. This is really a tragedy.

uptownseteve said...

Anywhere in the world, if there is an example of "blacks behaving badly" Paul Hue will be there.

Hey Paul, where does all this hate and obsession come from?

Were you raped by a black cellmate while serving time in prison?

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I agree with your post. It appears to me that the general claims are accurate, but the particular arrests and convictions seem to have reasonable doubt.

Steve: Our various discussions over the past months caused me to investigate crime statistics. The data count among those that contradict claims of massive anti-black racism in today's US, and confirm your data showing that most most blacks in today's US are doing very well indeed and remarkably better than 50 years ago and earlier.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: Please stick to facts and logic, and refrain from personal insults and declarations about other people's motivations.

uptownseteve said...

Don't you lecture me you stinkin bigot.

Your whole existence is devoted to showing black Americans in the ugliest light.

It must suck to be you.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: What is a bigot? Please define that for us. Then explain how any of my posts qualify.

uptownseteve said...

I really tire of your circular games and dishonesty.

Don't worry Paul, I won't visit your site anymore.

As stubborn as I am, I have come to the conclusion that the mere act of a proud black man like myself commiserating with someone like you is self-degrading.

Paul Hue said...

You apparently don't even know what "commiserate" means. You behave very ugly, and if you really do leave, I will not miss either your ugliness or dense-headedness. You are certainly "proud", but you lack civility, open-mindedness, and even modest reasoning and reading comprehension skills, and basic concepts of statistics.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: I post here on many topics. You only comment on those which violate your views that (1) the US today remains dominated by anti-black racism; and (2) black Americans represent a holy group of people incapable of any wrongs or faults and who suffer only from wrongs visited on them by white Americans, who represent a vile group of miscreants guilty of an innumerable waterfall of sins which explain any problems manifesting in any other group.

Why is this the warmest winter ever? Evil white people have polluted the world. Why does any black person today in the US live in poverty? White racism.

Nadir said...

Can't you just feel the love oozing through cyberspace here?

Nadir said...

I've made similar comments here before, Paul. Your tone, comments and logic betray striking arrogance and Eurocentricity that are offensive to many.

I've just learned to appreciate your finer qualities: you throw good parties with good food and good beer. And you always seem to have the finest sisters around...

For that, I can put up with your new age Strom Thurmond routine... sometimes...

Paul Hue said...


Update on this situation. I remain unconvinced that all 9 convicted girls are guilty. Some black folks in this story are disgusted by the mob behavior of the black youths, and disgusted that more blacks don't share this disgust.

In any case, I would much rather that some guilty people go free than even a single innocent person get convicted.

Paul Hue said...

Meanwhile, Hicks, of Community Advocates, who is also a former director of the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission, says that while some black parents may have been out of touch when they insisted “their kids do nothing but homework, run track and go to church,” other parents had “the same street-culture attitudes that their kids showed.”

Adds Hicks, regardless of the light-touch media coverage, “Gang involvement is all over this case... They have the right kids. There might be more out there, there were as many as 40 kids, but these kids were involved in the beatings.”

Paul Hue said...

"The black teens were lauded as scholars and athletes, even by some media that never checked their facts, Judge Lee will see a different side in reports from probation officers who are interviewing teachers, coaches and others. While one girl was touted as having received a USC track scholarship, USC’s track coach told Manzer that her grades hadn’t been good enough. Moreover, several of the kids have records of assault and threatening behavior."

Paul Hue said...

"Community activists on both sides, contacted by the Weekly, were disappointed over the lack of national coverage of what was, essentially, a man-bites-dog tale. Most believed that, had it been a white-on-black crime involving a mob of 30 white kids, the media would have been all over it."