Three Ex-Terrorists

These three Arabs claim to be former Islamic terrorists who have transformed into advocates of democracy / toleration / freedom. UM-AA has them scheduled to speak on Tuesday, but Muslim students want to ban them.


Nadir said...

Are these dudes telling the truth? How do we know?

Will the conservative group who invited them accept criticism of US foreign policy if that's the reason the men say they committed acts of terror?

Paul Hue said...

I don't know if these guys are telling the truth; would you ask such a question if they were describing how US and Israeli policies have suppressed them? I have seen several examples of anti-Israeli forces staging fake atrocities blamed on Israeli soldiers.

The websites offered by these guys include very detailed personal accounts. As I recall reading these autobios, each of these guys used to blame all of their problems on US and Israeli policies. Now they believe that Arabs in the regions have only themselves to blame for their miseries, and that they have the power within themselves to create secure and prosperous societies in peaceful coexistence with Israel, including full muslim access to all the religious sites in Israel.

Nadir said...

I've seen examples of Mossad and the CIA staging fake attrocities and blaming terrorists. Sun Tzu taught us that war is about deception.

I don't doubt that Muslims could improve their lot in more constructive ways besides suicide bombings. I question the motivation of a conservative group at U of M bringing them in. I can't imagine there will be a very balanced view expressed.

Paul Hue said...

But of course you trust fully liberal groups bringing in supporters of PLO, Hezbollah, and Hamas, and assume a "very balanced view expressed."

Nadir said...

"But of course you trust fully liberal groups bringing in supporters of PLO, Hezbollah, and Hamas, and assume a 'very balanced view expressed.'"

Not necessarily, but I know that Israel is guilty of colonialism and apartheid, which I can see for myself through the news. I am therefore predisposed to someone who voices a similar view. However, I disagree with some of the tactics used by the PLO, Hezbollah and Hamas. I believe they are legitimate resistance organizations, but the use of terrorism cannot be condoned no matter who the perpetrator is.

Paul Hue said...

So do you aggree it is possible that some of their terrorists would one day change their minds?