Another Sex Crime Injustice

I hope that the people who are outraged over the Duke Rape Hoax take their energy now and bring it to bear on this case, where a black teenager got 10 years for consensual sex with a honkey girl classmate. Is it racism, or just a mindless prosecutor applying a mindless law? Either way, it's clearly unjust, and certainly warrants as much outrage as does the Duke injustice.

But how will people like Nadir comment on this case, when they've applied "let the system work" approach to the Duke situation?


uptownseteve said...

The main difference is that the black guy gets 10 years and the Duke white boys get the sympathy of an outraged white America.

But no time.


Paul Hue said...

We'll see. I am disgusted that this guy is getting time, and not generating massive protests. But of course nobody staged massive daily protests to get him arrested in the first place, either; his case just quietly proceeded. Perhaps the Duke case will bring new people into the fight for justice in such matters.

Paul Hue said...

Unfortunately, people who have either clung to the Duke hoaxer, or who have "sat it out" will have less authentic voices in supporting this guy.

However, the people who switched from supporting the Duke hoaxer to opposing her (for example, all the right-winged cable commentators) will have the most effective voices on behalf of this guy. Let's see if they take action. The Duke boys themselves should use their new fame and sympathy to support this guy. One of the Duke boys has said he now wants to be a defense attorney to help innocent people wrongly accused. Here's his first chance to make the difference he claims to seek.

uptownseteve said...

Hey Paul,

It hasn't been established yet that the Duke boys are totally innocent.

SOMETHING happened that night and it wasn't good.

The trial is still on the way.

I know how anxious you are to exonerate these upstanding future captains of industry and leaders of America.

But it ain't over yet.

Paul Hue said...

Steve: I am open to wherever the data takes me. If those crackers violated those girls, I want the system to prosecute them, and prove that rich white guys can't get away with violating poor black girls. Initially I believed that they had "done something"; I thought that they had raped the girl. The data at the time was this: the DA on TV insisted that happened. He was convincing. Everybody believed him; not a single voice on TV or in print supported the crackers.

Then the data appeared. And the data is as clear as in any case that has ever appeared before the public, just as clear as in the case where this black guy is getting railroaded.

Nothing happened. The girl Magnum didn't want to leave. The other girl, Stripper 2, made her leave, because she got into a shouting match over money with the crackers who wanted a refund after she got mad and ended the dance because one made a comment about a broom; she called them crackers, and some of them called her a nigger back. Magnum wanted to return to make more money; stripper 2 said no, because she had already called the cops on a phony report, in order to get them in trouble for underage drinking and supplying booze for such (everybody in the house was guilty of either drinking under age or supplying booze to underage drinkers).

Magnum only cried rape after she and Stripper 2 got into their own fight over returning to house, and Magnum couldn't provide an address to Stripper 2, or otherwise leave the car. So Stripper 2 got a cop involved, who began processing Magnum for arrest for public intensification, and transport to a facility for a mandatory drug test.

How do you suppose that Magnum transformed herself from getting arrested and subject to a mandatory drug test into a free women who only had a voluntary drug test as part of a rape claim looking for "date rape drugs" -- which she declined (it would have also checked for illegal drugs)?

Yes, something bad clearly happened that night; a few things. One of the crackers made a rude joke about using a broomstick since the strippers didn't bring sex toys, which is a common stripper thing (Magnum had performed in a hotel earlier with a dildo). Stripper 2 and the crackers got into a loud argument over money; they wanted a refund since the joke caused the girls to end their show. She called them crackers and made comments about their penies; two of them responded with their own racial slurs. Stripper 2 made a fake call to get the cops over to get them arrested for drinking; Magnum made a false rape charge.

uptownseteve said...

If what you state is true, then the Duke athletes were falsely charged with rape and their reputations have been harmed.

The evidence in the case where the black guy was falsely accused of rape by a white women was probably as compelling yet he gets sentenced to 10 years.

What's wrong with this picture?

Paul Hue said...

Steve: I agree with you. A big national coalition of people have unified over freeing the Duke boys, and drawing attention -- finally -- to the previously unchallenged myth that "women never lie about rape" and the great ease (over-ease) at which women can get rape convictions with nothing more than their own claims (see: Mike Tyson).

And those boys themselves I expect will emerge from this as prosperous, famous, and sympathetic celebrities. One of them even claims that he will devote his life to a career in criminal defense, specializing in unjustly accused. Let's see if this coalition stays together and helps win justice not just for these Duke boys, but the very types of men (like the black teen here) whose abuse over the years has made this such a passionate topic.

Let's see if these six Duke parents are only interested in their own sons, or if they will continue using their powers to help young men in similar situations who lack such family support. I will certainly pay attention to this, and praise or revile them accordingly.

Nadir said...

I'll tell my teenaged nephew in Georgia to stay away from young white girls. This is not the first case of its kind.

Does the system also prosecute white boys who sleep with white girls or white boys who sleep with black girls? I haven't seen any such cases.