"Black Activist" Sides with Duke Players

Unlike our own Nadir, Earl Ofari Hutchinson has analyzed the facts, reached a conclusion, and articulated it in "The Black Athlete". Like me, he believes that a failure to do so will assist real racism, making it harder in the future when black guys find themselves falsely accused, or a black girl really does get gang-raped by some white guys.

Then there's this intellectual coward, a black prof at Duke, who rushed out to lead the lynch mob prior to any facts emerging... but has refused comment since actual facts surfaced, none of which has supported the allegation, and most of which have combined to demonstrate many times over the falsity of the charges. Contrast him black Duke law prof James Coleman, who said nothing until facts emerged. His conclusions, based on facts, of course supported the players versus the prosecution.


Nadir said...

My choice was to wait until facts emerged. I also don't always agree with Earl Ofari Hutchinson, so it doesn't matter to me that he weighed in on the case.

As it is, even with the facts in place, I don't have any comment on this case. These rich kids from Duke don't need me to defend them when their rich parents will hire expensive lawyers to do it.

Paul Hue said...

And then what meaning will your opinion have when this same thing happens later to poor black guys (or even rich black guys!), or when a black girl really does get gang raped by some rich honkey jerks?

To your credit I do note that you didn't jump to any conclusions initially, although I did immediately jump out and assume that Magnum was accurately reporting a rape.