Proposal to Block Bush Action Against Iran

Even if I support Bush striking Iran's nuclear resources (I'm not sure that I do), I do insist that he abide by the US Constitution, which requires explicit authority from Congress. I believe that Bush only sort-of obtained this for his invasion of Iraq. This proposed legislation -- authored by a dissident republican and championed here by Nadir's hero Pat Buchannon -- would explicitly hold Bush to constitutional rules in any attempt to attack Iran.


Nadir said...

Pat Buchannan for Secretary of State! He and I agree solidly on foreign policy.

Keep him out of domestic affairs (including immigration) completely because he is a lunatic on those matters, but I'm down with his views on foreign affairs.

Nadir said...

Paul, if you agree that Bush violated the Constitution by waging the war in Iraq, then you agree that he has committed yet another impeachable offense, right? We should try him, convict him and send him to Leavenworth, right?