Nat Abraham’s Rebellion

Abraham Freep Photo

Nathaniel Abraham, the nation’s youngest convicted murderer, was released a day before his 21st birthday. At 11 years-old he was tried as an adult and found guilty of second-degree murder. The judge sentenced him as a juvenile, however, and as a result, Abraham has a new lease on life as an adult.

From the moment he stepped outside the court room for hopefully the last time, the media has been buzzing about Nathaniel. Are they concerned about how he will make the transition to life on the outside after spending his formative years in prison? Do they wonder what type of education he received in jail and how it will help him become a productive member of society?

No. Everyone is talking about his suit.


Paul Hue said...

People, including the black parents of the child that Nathanial murdered, wonder why he gets so much attention and concern for murdering another child, including a nice pimp suit. They also fear what he might do to other children.

I haven't read about this case in years, but from what I remember Nathanial was a repeat bully who beat, intimidated, and stole from many kids during the brief time that he had the capacity to do so. Many more people helped with their time and money to keep him out of prison than have ever helped you and me assist and lead black kids through rigorous academic instruction.

That always bothered me: any one kid on our Ben Carson program could get more help if he went and killed another kid than if he simply kept trying to learn math or writing. During the time of this case I was a regular attendee of the Pontiac NAACP "Young Adults Committee." My friend was the leader of this group, and I hoped by attending their sessions at her request that I could get some of the 20 or so regular attendees to help us teach black kids. I attended for about a year, and raising funds and attending protests for Nathanial was a central focus of that group. Number of NAACP folks who answered my appeal to come help us assist with the non-murdering black kids: zero.

Count me among those who hope that Nathanial avoids crime and devotes himself to productive activities that lead to a prosperous life; count me among those who want 11-year-old gun shooters sequestered away in institutions where they their bullets can't hit either my kid or any kid working productively; and also count me among those disgusted by him prancing around in a new pimp suit, surrounded by adoring supporters who would never in their lives spend one hour helping a non-murdering black kid learn math and writing.

Paul Hue said...


What should we do with these three teens who robbed a man of his tax refund and then killed him?

Paul Hue said...

And what is Nathanial "Rebelling" against? Laws against killing? Laws that keep killers in prison?