Real Real Estate Racism

Some Detroit-area white realtors got busted for steering white and black undercover buyers according to their "race". Perhaps Nadir will justify this because it is "reality" and because the white buyers are better off in white neighborhoods and black buyers in black neighborhoods. I, however, hope these bastards get prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Meanwhile, blacks continue purchasing houses in white neighborhoods, including Nadir and nearly all of our mutual black home-owning friends. It appears that most home buyers take leadership over the stupid and worthless professionals known as "real estate agents", whose existence and justification in the internet age perplexes me.


uptownseteve said...

What "white" areas are blacks moving in Michigan which remain predominately white Paul?

Name them and I'll investigate.

I know for sure that here in Maryland, whenever you see a bunch of "For Sale" signs in a white neighborhood, you know a black family just moved in.

Nadir said...

Steve, I live about a mile away from Paul in a majority white suburb with a growing Black population called Westland.

My wife and I wanted to move to Southfield which is unofficially the middle-class "Black" suburb, but it didn't work out that way. If we really had our choice, we would have moved to one of several swanky all-Black neighborhoods in Detroit, but the city's oppressive city income tax makes it prohibitive.

Our real estate agent looked for homes for us in Southfield and tried to steer us to Royal Oak, an artsier suburb. She was decidedly not guilty of the crimes this article describes, though she may have been guilty of trying to pad her commission.

Nadir said...

By the way, there are a lot of "For Sale" signs in Westland these days and there are more Blacks here than I've seen in our seven years of residency. Coincidence?

uptownseteve said...


The black population is growing because the whites are moving, no?

Paul Hue said...

The for sale signs in our neighborhood started going up as lay-offs piled on. Many houses are not selling at all. I spoke to a white Realtor in our neighborhood, and she said that the only houses that are not selling are those that have only 1.5 baths.

The houses on both sides of me have flipped in since I moved in about 8 years ago. One house flipped once, from white to white. The other house flipped from white to white to white.

Across the street I estimate five flippings, all from white to white, including some rather recently. I have noticed more blacks in the area -- along with lots of new subdivisions -- but have not noticed in our neighbor hood new blacks. I estimate my neighborhood at about 20% black. I have spoken with a few black neighbors and none report any problems, including a white wife / black husband.

Nadir points out a non-racial problem with moving into, and staying in, Detroit: city income tax, enacted and maintained by people who seem not to understand economics. This is one of the factors driving tens of thousands of mostly black residents into the white suburbs.

Paul Hue said...

Just about all of Nadir and my black friends who moved here from out-of-town have purchased homes in white-majority suburbs.

Paul Hue said...


Wonder how this will get played in the media. Some college football players beat some Palestinian students, and used racial slurs. The problem: at least one of the assailants is black. Probably the players and the other students got into a fight over something unrelated to race, then started using race as part of the exchange of ugly words... as in the Duke rape argument over money.