7 Smart Ideas for Low-Energy Design

Even we non-conservationists should embrace these seven smart ideas for low-energy design offered by Newsweek magazine. I define conservationists as those who oppose moving civilization forward because they want the earth to look exactly like it did (or, rather, like they think it did) before civilization. I support petro drilling in Alaska's Awar reserve, and all over the California and Florida coasts. However, I also support paying extra for a house that requires no AC in the summer and no heater in the winter... provided that govt officials don't require me to.

According to this article, diesel engines burn 40% less than non-diesel per output, and that if only some reasonable higher fraction of US cars made the switch, the US would consume an amount of petro less per day equal to what those retarded sheiks in Saudi Arabia produce in a day. The article also claims that via smart design houses can remain about 70 degrees in winter and summer without AC or heaters. Not even mentioned: backyard wells for toilet water and lawn watering, home effluent used as fertilizer, and mulching of all fallen leaves and grass cuttings.

I believe that people like me who desire an elevated society typified by such smart designs will make more inroads via civil appeals and free markets than by hysterical railings and forced marches.

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