The New Way Forward: Bomb The World!

Bush The Avenging BomberDespite universal criticism, George Bush’s efforts to destabilize the Middle East continue unabaited. With a precarious situation in Afghanistan, US and Israeli troublemaking in Lebanon, and a week of airstrikes in Somalia, Bush predictably announced his plans to escalate the FUBAR in Iraq.

Bush’s “New Way Forward” speech was falsely advertised as “a change in direction”. It could have been more accurately described as “stay the course with more guns.”


Paul Hue said...

I was never 100% behind Bush's plan, and always thought that he made some mistakes. I hope that he proves himself correct; specifically, I hope that the Arab 2/3rds of Iraq proves to contain the same critical mass of civilized people as does the Kurdish 1/3.

Paul Hue said...


Some good news out of Iraq, as the advancement towards civilization lurches forward.

From the article:

"In mid-September there were 10 to 13 attacks per day in the triad [Al-Anbar province, dominated by Sunnies, including Hussein supporters and Al Qaidies], although the enemy was concentrated in Haditha. Now there is one every two to three days [after employing new tactics]... That's why the idea of leaving or pulling out is so appalling."

"As soon as the Americans left [to join a big offensive in another area], Al-Qaeda gunmen ambushed and killed 21 Iraqi policemen in Haditha. Gunmen rounded up 19 men in a football stadium and put a bullet through their skulls. This year, nine Haditha policemen were beheaded."

"What surprises me is how much the Iraqis [say], 'You ought to do what the Israelis do. If someone plants an IED, you should bulldoze their house.'"

Paul Hue said...

I enjoy Nadir's phrase, "Isreali trouble-making in Lebanon." Who's making trouble there?