Rape Victim Arrested For Outstanding Warrent

Here's a woman who appears to have really been raped (as opposed to the Duke faker)... but when she reports it she ends up getting arrested for an outstanding warrant. I think that police and prosecutors should have employed better judgment here, as you want people victimized in this way to report the crime even if they have a warrant... I suppose, depending on what that warrant is for, no? So now the prosecutor and lawmakers are in response working on a new rule to prevent rape victims from getting arrested on outstanding warrants. But doesn't that encourage women who are getting busted to do what Crystal Magnum did in the Duke Rape case: cry, oh, yeah, I just got raped! in order to transform from arrestee into victim?

Don't know what the answer is here. What about victims of other crimes, such as assault, mugging, burglary, car-jacking? Will they also get a pass for their outstanding warrants if they report these crimes? Or do they get arrested for outstanding warrents when they report these crimes? What if the rape victim has an outstanding warrant for... rape!

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