Real Racism: White College Kids Ridicule MLK

Some white college kids staged an MLK Day party, featuring 40-ounces, afro wigs, gang-ware, and a mistral step show. It caused a campus controversy. I agree that this is racism, it is reprehensible, and that I would have predicted no such occurrence at this late date.


Nadir said...

I'm not sure why this surprises you, Paul. You seem to truly be shocked that such appalling behavior continues.

Black folks believe that racism still exists because we see it. Because you don't see it or because you don't perceive certain acts as racist doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It just means you don't see it.

And no, you don't have to be Black to recognize racism. But if you don't want to recognize racism, you won't. And if you don't recognize it when it happens all the time, you will be surprised when something like this happens.

I'm not surprised. These types of parties go on all the time. The evidence is that photos have appeared on the net several times.

These are the kids who will be corporate execs one day. And you don't think your Black daughters should be aware that racism may be a problem in their lives one day?

You're deceiving no one but yourself.

Paul Hue said...

I await from you, Nadir, concrete examples of racism. When they appear, such as this, they are rare. Even this one doesn't involve a black person getting denied anything, and is being vigorously countered by many more whites who oppose it.

I am glad that you recognize that if racism exists, members of any "race" can recognize it.

Nadir said...

I've presented concrete examples of racism to you in the past repeatedly.

Your response, "Is this the best you can do?"

You're in denial, Paul. A lot of white people recognize racism before you do.

Paul Hue said...

That's because your examples were lame.