Battle of Silly Dark Age Costumes

The Pope's silly costume is more rediculous than that of this muslim clerics. Could orthodox Jews have them both beat, with those truly comical side locks and those French schoolgirl hats? In this meeting the dress-wearing Pope and the dress-wearing muslim will discuss, it seems, who was worse a thousand years ago, the Muslim Crusaders or the Catholic Crusaders? They might want to toss into the ring one of those silly jew hats, and ponder King David's bloody elimination of every soul occupying "Canaan", the land now called "Isreal" and previously called "Palistine" (named that by the brutal Romans, garbling the word "Philistine" -- a pagan people living in Gaza -- as an insult to the brutal, despotic Jewish rulers who were at that time calling the land "Judea").

After settling that 1,000 years ago the rulers of all nations were a bunch of deplorable savages (with the Christian savages violating their official New Testiment teachings, and the Muslim savages honoring their official Koran and "tradition" book teachings), they might get around to today, and which governments conduct themselves still as dark age brutes.

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