Islam Dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali Moves to USA

Her former Dutch countrymen appear to have grown tired of protecting her from muslim savages, and did not want to confront those savages. So she has moved to the US. I hope she finds that the muslims in the US are, unlike Mohammad, not savages.


Paul Hue said...


Here's another very brilliant and funny muslim dissident.

Nadir said...

The philosophy of the Dutch is live and let live. They don't believe in provoking people for the sake of provocation.

They have awesome dikes that protect the country from flooding (the likes of which should be copied in New Orleans) and they have ended the war on drugs in their nation opening the country for a thriving trade in industrialized hemp and cannabis coffee shops.

One hopes that Hirsi Ali finds some semblance of tolerance in the US, and that she is not blocked from boarding and airplane because she looks like a Muslim.

Paul Hue said...

I agree with you about the intelligence of the Dutch to legalize and regulate recreational drugs, and to have used their tax revenues to build secure dikes. They are tolerant, except for some of the muslim immigrants who are savages. "Live and let live" certainly does not equate with cowtowing to hysterical phychopaths who threaten murder to those who criticise or ridicule. Theo and Hirsi exemplifed the ideal of "live and let live"; they tendered criticisms of those who did not. When Hirsi got raped, enslaved, and mutilated, it was not by people who practiced "live and let live." When she and Theo criticized those people, it was in defense of that value; the savages who assassinated Theo and threatened Hirsi did so in the name of eradicating that value.

Hirsi is sad that her Dutch countrymen no longer cherish or respect that value enough to defend it. Zipping your lip in deference to savages who threaten you does not qualify as "living and let living"; it qualifies as cowardace.

I am sure that Hirsi not only considers it a releif to trade threats from such savages for airport hassles, but is happy to belong to a nation that directly fights these savages, including taking special scrutiny of people who belong to the religion, or hail from nations, which perpetuates the savagery that she experianced herself on so many occassions.