Islam: What's the Attraction?

My recent resumption of islamic studies has led to many shocking discoveries. Mohamad's commission of rape, murder, robbery, pederasty, deceit, kidnapping, cowardace, and slavery were the most shocking. I thought that he was a holy man, not a nazi or klansman. Less shocking was learning that most Islamic customs are just pagan customs practiced in Moh's community that he adopted into his violent new, anti-pagan religion that he forced onto those around him. The word "islam" means "submit," as in, "submit, or we will behead you."

The begining of Ramadan is a good time to learn facts about Islam, and to consider them critically. Just don't mention any criticisms to muslims who practice as Moh did; you'll get killed. Even during Ramadan, a time during which Moh led a murderous robbery on a camal train. I wonder what those young boys are for mixed in with the famous 72 virgins waiting the "faithful" in heaven. Nadir, what ever attracted you to this religion?


Paul Hue said...


Statement of Principles

1.We share the ideals of a democratic society, and a secular state that does not endorse any religion, religious institution, or any religious dogma. The basis for its authority is in man-made law, not in religious doctrine or in divine revelation. In a theocracy of the type that Islamic fundamentalists wish to establish, sovereignty belongs to god, but in a democracy sovereignty belongs to the people. We therefore favor the firm separation of religion and state: without such a separation there can be no freedom from tyranny, and such a separation is the sine qua non for a secular state.

2. We believe in the primacy of the rule of law: a common civil code under which all men and women have equal protection of their rights and freedoms.

3.We endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on Human Rights without qualification. We are particularly concerned to promote and protect the rights of women and those with minority beliefs: all should be equal before the law.

4.We are dedicated to combating fanaticism, intolerance, violent fundamentalism, and terrorism by showing the intellectual inadequacy of the fanatics’ programmes, the historical inaccuracy of their claims, the philosophical poverty of their arguments, and the totalitarian nature of their thought.

5.We defend the right of free inquiry, and the free expression of ideas. We therefore reserve the right to examine the historical foundations of Islam, and to explain the rise and fall of Islam by the normal mechanisms of human history.

Paul Hue said...


Our ultimate aim is to guide the Muslims out of the fold of Islam.

1. We will criticize and expose the real truth about Islam without minding about any political correctness whatsoever.

2. We will establish that Islam is false, that it is not revealed by any almighty God, but was created by Prophet Muhammad himself to fulfill his greed, ego and ambition.

3. We will prove that Islam has nothing to do with peace but is a dangerous cult founded through violence, terror, plunder and extreme injustice by its founder Muhammad himself.

4. We will prove that Islam is not compatible with modern world, including democracy, tolerance, human rights and gender equality but stands in contravention and hence dangerous for modern civilization.

5. We will demonstrate that Islamic terrorism, as witnessed now-a-days is sanctioned by Islam. Terrorists did not hijack Islam but Islam itself has hijacked some otherwise good human beings and turned them into machines for terror, murder and destruction.

6. We will also awaken the non-Muslim world, especially the West, about the short-term and long-term dangers Islam poses to their good and benevolent society.

Paul Hue said...


"...Yet Allah keeps these countries the most corrupt, the least developed, the most crime-infested, utterly terrorised and amongst the poorest in the world. You start doubting if Allah ever understood any of those languages of prayer, especially His own language, that is, Arabic. This epidemic of prayer has been going on for decades, but Allah remains adamant. To the total chagrin of the true believers, Allah continues to bestow prosperity to the infidels."

Nadir said...

From http://www.submission.org/had-corruption.html

Islam (Submission in English) is an old religion, older than the prophet Muhammed. Islam (Submission) was founded by Abraham. See Quran, 22:78, 3:67-68, and 16:123.It is through Abraham that all of Islam's religious practices were revealed. 2:127-128.

The Prophet Muhammed was a messenger of God and the Final Prophet who brought the Final message, Quran, to the world, 33:40.

God told the believers that His book, the Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed, see 6:19,38,114, & 12:111. God reminded them that He does not run out of words, and if He so willed He could have given us more than one Quran , if He would have deemed it necessary, see 18:109 and 31:27

God, the Knower of all things, the Cognizant, knows that after the death of the Prophet Muhammed people will invent lies about the prophet and call it Hadiths and Sunna. God, ahead of all of them used the word Hadith in the Quran. God gave His true believers a strong start with the word Hadith and He told them which Hadith they should accept, the HADITH OF GOD ONLY. The word Hadith has been used several times in the Quran ( about 31 times in different forms, 18 of them with the exact word HADITH). None of the good hadiths in the Quran refer to what the Muslims nowadays believe is Muhammed's Hadiths. The word Sunna in the Quran never referred to Muhammed's sunna.

Nadir said...


I do not consider myself an agnostic anymore, finding fence sitting untenable. I could say I am now an evil Atheist, or I could use the softer sounding title of Freethinker. For now I will simply call myself an Ex-Christian, though there is more to it than being an ex something or another. I no longer believe in any gods or goddesses, they are all primitive imaginings reflecting an escape from fear and ignorance. There are many things we do not know about the world and the universe at large, but not knowing the how’s or why’s of things does not predispose us to believing in a giant Sky Daddy, or Tri-Daddy, or whatever.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: Abraham didn't invent the various customs and symbols that comprise Islam, including facing a certain direction when praying, praying with head on the ground, pilgramages to Mecca, etc. Pagan Arabs did. And the Koran didn't exist until 200 years after Moh's death; only then did the Arabs develop a written language. Before that it was a collection of memorized passages.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I can't tell if you concede my interpretation of Mohammad as a detestable human, or if you agree with that robot defense that you copied and pasted from the cultist website. Does my official Saudi Arabian Koran lie in its claims about Moh's actions and instructions?

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: What attracted you to islam? At what point did you learn about Mohammad's horrific actions? Why did you leave?