White Supremacist Editor at The Washington Times

The second most powerful editor at The Washington Times is a white supremacist racist who says blacks are "born genetically 15 to 20 IQ points lower than a white person" and that abortion is necessary "to keep the black and minority population down in this country." His wife, Marian, confirmed this, on the record, in an interview with reporter Max Blumenthal for the Oct. 9 issue of The Nation magazine.

Francis B. Coombs Jr., the managing editor of The Washington Times, a major media ally of the Bush administration, is described by multiple newsroom sources in Blumenthal's piece as an unreconstructed "racial nationalist" and a hater of blacks and Jews.

At least his wife has the guts to admit that she is racist and he agrees with her. It's better to be open about it instead of hiding. Of course, when you're in hiding, you can do more damage...


Paul Hue said...

It looks like you finally managed to finger a real white racist. I I support firing him.

Nadir said...

What? You don't believe him when he flatly denies his racism without explanation?

I thought your belief was that if someone refused to admit they are racist, then obviously they aren't. Up until now, you have taken the word of anyone who denied that race was a factor in hiring practices or university admissions or reality television shows.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Paul Hue said...

This article presents evidence other than his word.

In the other examples to which you refer, you take the view: "If a black person doesn't get a job / gets looked at funny / doesn't get accepted for something / etc. and attributes it to racism, the accuser is correct." You set up a crime for which the accusation constitutes absoulte evidence of guilt.

Imagine that the accused person here instead of a honkey in the US accused of "racism", rather is an Iraqi accused by a GI of participating in violent acts against US or Iraqi govt or private personel or property, what evidence would you require there to determine guilt? Yes, in wartime situations I see no alternative but to afford GIs the awesome power of determining life vs. death, or prison vs. non-prison (I hesitate to ascribe the term "freedom" to persons living amoungst the gangsterism and religious tyrany of Iraq). Do you advocate affording to black folks in the US in 2006 such absolute power in assigning guilt for accusations of "racism"?

This guy is on a newspaper's editorial board, and if he belongs to KKK, neo-nazi, or islamicist groups, I believe that out to be grounds for both non-hiring and for firing.