Dot org, The Big Lie

I have said for years that internet prefixes (www.) and suffixes (.com, .org) are mistakes. In the case of www., it's a small mistake, because there's just one, which is why it's unneccessary and thus we should remove it. What's the point of having internet addresses that all begin with "www."? There isn't.

But having multiple suffixes is a big problem, and getting worse. Imagine Nadir's dad, with his website ascot.com, where he sells "smart scarves for smart men." But what about:


Etc.? All of these can have different uses, including fraudulently stealing Nadir's dad's business. For this reason people with legitimate websites have to go grab all the same basenames with the various suffixes, just to guard against fraud.


Nadir said...

Sometimes you see a ww2.whatever.com address, so there is more than one.

Paul Hue said...

Very unfortunate, I say. (I think such prefixes might only exist on internal corporate "intranets".)