Surprise! Bill Maher Defends Willie Nelson

"Everybody's got something. But if there's one drug above all we should be cracking down on, it's oil. Oil is the addiction poisoning our lungs, and our political system, and our foreign policy. Willie Nelson, high though he might have been, was on a bus that didn't pollute anything, because it runs on bio-diesel. But bio-diesel threatens the profits of Big Oil, which means the only way we're ever going to legalize pot in this country is to convince Bush and Cheney it's a petroleum product. And it may be, all my bongs have a carburetor."

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Paul Hue said...

If Bill Mahr took some chemistry classes he could understand why he's wrong about biofuel... mixed with economics classes, he'd overcome his anger over fossil fuels. Bio fuel doesn't threaten fossil fuel, and Big Oil doesn't dictate the market. Nothing is perfect, except in the fantasies and demands of liberals.