Racism in Coaching

I believe that racism is the only explanation for why blacks compose about 30% of college football players, but only 5% of the head coaches. Women compose 0% of the players and 0% of the coaches. Asian immigrants as well. But why don't blacks compose in the coaching ranks about what they compose in the player ranks? Is there really a behavior or personal choice phenomenon among black players that makes them so much less likely than their honkey peers to try coaching?

And I do admit that if racism clearly exists in coaching, then I should expect to find it in other areas. That's a logical point that I must concede. However, I do not believe that the facts bear that out. It appears to me that racism is fading away in the USA and enjoys only a few pockets of survival, such as sports coaching.


Nadir said...

Like other executive positions, there are limited opportunities in coaching, and Blacks are not considered as often as whites.

You didn't ask why there are only a few Black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. What is that percentage? I can name two. Ken Chenault and Richard Parsons.

That is more important that coaching positions.

Paul Hue said...

There might be some racism in the corporat stratosphere. But unlike football coaching where blacks are over-represented as participants in the activities develop qualifications, blacks are underrepresented in the activities that develop qualification for corporate executive positions.