Courageous Journalists Risk Lives Defying Muslim Anti-Speach Demands

This is a much more apt headline for the same article that Nadir shamefully describes as, "Press Escalates Provokation of Muslims." Nadir: Don't you know that the KKKers in the US are "offended" and "provoked" by such images as Rosa Parks receiving a state funeral? How is it that you decide which anti-speach demands to embrace?


Nadir said...

Again, I'm not criticizing the cartoonists for exercising freedom of speech. I'm saying if someone sticks a bomb in their inkwell, it should have been expected.

Paul Hue said...

But you have charactorized them as "provoking muslims." How can you possibly have anything but absolute contempt for the people seeking to silence these journalists, and unfettered respect, support, and admiration for the journalists who violate ancient speach strictures?

What will you say if your wife gets raped for wearing "provokative" cloths? Or if you get mugged for "provoking" criminals with your new car with thousands of dollars of musical equipment in the back seat? Or if one of your white neighbors tosses a bomg through your living room window, because his "culture" forbids black people from living in his midst?

I am amazed at how 100% opposed you are to Bush's warrentless wiretaps, but you muster nothing but "they should have known better" for the journalists whose lives get threatened for violating an ancient, superstitious speach stricture.

Do you support free speach, or not?

Nadir said...

Certainly it is wrong for a woman to be raped. It is wrong for someone to steal musical equipment from my vehicle. It is wrong for someone to bomb my house because they don't like the color of my skin.

However, if a woman wears certain types of clothes around certain people or in certain situations, she should be aware that something negative may happen.

If I leave musical equipment in my car and forget to lock it, the insurance company will say it was my fault if it is stolen.

If I move into a neighborhood that is known for racism, though I have a right to buy property there, I must be aware of the possible consequences.

Yes. I support free speech. I also support humanity and intelligence.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I do not consider you to support free speach.