Anti-Arab Racist Attack in Detroit Metro

Here's a real case of racism: Some young guys in suburban Detroit regularly vandalize an Arab-owned business. On this day the owner challenges them. The respond by calling him a racist name, telling him to "go back where he came from", punching him in the face, and then attacking Arabs from the next-door business... with an American flag pole!

Interesting: the culprits are black. And attending a job-training program for bad-acting teens who get kicked out of regular school. There's more lessons here than we can enumerate. The non-honkey Arabs belong to group that out-performs honkeys in various measures of success, such as income, wealth, and education, even when getting constantly harassed by ignorant bullies (which these do not use as an excuse to stop behaving productively). Nadir ignores these statistics of non-white success when labeling the US "racist" against blacks.

Meanwhile these black punks are constantly screwing around, lowering the value of their surroundings, and of their own selves, owing to their own life choices. (Perhaps Nadir will trace their negative conduct to the effects of slavery? But how to explain how the Arabs can overcome their own excuses?) The sad results of these black jackasses, Nadir will average in with the statistics that supposedly demonstrate that the US is "racist" against whites because the black average success statistics lag those of whites.

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