Bush Violates Republican Ideals w/ Anti-Gambling Laws

This is what we get with a "Republican" president? Legislation banning (or attempting to!) adults from foolishly spending their money on internet gambling? Because some centralized gathering of elected officials have determined that it's "bad" for me? So they commit the resources of my nation to blocking my decision to enter into a contract with a gambling outfit and a credit card company? True Republicans must oppose this!

Prediction: Internet gambling by Americans will continue to increase, but without US credit card companies making any profit.

Recommendation: Legalize, so that US casinos and credit card companies can profit off of idiot Americans using their freedom to make choices that smarter people deem stupid.


Nadir said...

Gambling is a sin. I thought you knew. All those church-run bingo games are an illusion.

Paul Hue said...


And here we have the Repos reserving $20 mil of US taxpayer dollars to pay for a party celebrating victory in Iraq and Afgahnistan. If democracy/civilization triumphs there due to US military action, what business does government have in spending our money on a party? I support a war that defeats enemies of the US and makes the US safer, and I suppose I support spending tax dollars to rebuild such nations into civilized countries premised on personal liberties. But no tax-payer parties!