Libs Don't Preach, Madona's Keeping Her African Baby

And why not? The boy's dad is happy: he's a widow with two children already dead from abject poverty, and his sole surviving child he "surrendered" to the orhpanage because he says he doesn't have enough money to do as good a job as the inadequate job of the orphanage. Who are the rest of us to ascertain how best this father and Madona can best provide for this child?

Well, I'm going to ascertain: Not enough affluent Americans are adopting, especially non-white babies. Nothing is more deplorably self-obsessed and narcassistic than creating your own baby and then becoming a doting parent. And nothing is more selfless -- in my opinion -- than taking some baby in a difficult circumstance and adopting him her her into your life as your own child. Most of my affluent married negro friends are deliberately having children, but zero of them are adopting any of the thousands of black kids who annually enter into the USA's foster care program, most of whom never join a family.

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