Just Doing Their Jobs While Their Leaders Are Not

Whether you believe they are following illegal, immoral and unjust orders or not, the men and women of our military are willing to make the supreme sacrifice. They put their lives on the line every day. Why? Because their job is to protect and defend their country. They aren't allowed to debate whether the cause is right or wrong. They do their jobs.

The Washington Post reports that Iraq casualties have soared to their highest level in two years with over 1000 soldiers wounded in the last five weeks.

Yet the war rages on with little or no support from the American people and little or no protest from the Congress of the United States.

For the past week the media has been focused on the electronic exploits of a would-be child molestor in the halls of Congress. They have ignored the men and women who are fighting for their lives in an unwinnable war that they should not be in in the first place.


Paul Hue said...

My position on Iraq is heavily influenced by the opinions of my friends working there. I have lost hope that Sunnistan and Shiastan can have societies that operate in productive and civil manners. I believe that the peoples there will have to kill and destroy for a few years until they get tired of it. When stability arrives via this unfortunate mechamism, will it result in merely a new tyrany, ala Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Cuba? It appears so to me. But perhaps over in Kurdistan, the example of civilization (Arab muslims operating a modern civilization, and reaping the predictable results of prosperity) will inspire in the Sunni and Shia areas what never occurred in Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Cuba: a determined, aggressive critical mass of democrats willing to die and kill for liberty.

I used to support Bush's refusal to "set a time table." Now I think that was a mistake. Just as welfare recipients have benefitted from timetables, one may work here (to the extent that anything can).

Nadir said...

"Just as welfare recipients have benefitted from timetables, one may work here (to the extent that anything can)."

Welfare recipients haven't necessarily benefited from timetables. Just because there are fewer people on welfare roles doesn't mean there are fewer people living in poverty...

Nadir said...

Haiti has experienced so much interference from the US and France in the past 203 years the new "tyrannies" that arise their can usually be traced back to those colonial powers.

The latest tyranny was installed by the US, Canada and France with the overthrow of the countries only democratically elected government. When social democracies are installed, Washington believes it has a right to sponsor coup de'tats, but when military thugs create dictators, they support those totalitarian regimes.

Can you explain that bit of US foreign policy, Paul?

Paul Hue said...

I am certain that the US did not sponsor the most recent Haitian coup. I am also certain that the former democrat who occupied the office there transformed into a brute. The only error I can find by Bush's US policies is his having the marines rescue that fink, giving him a chance to issue the illogical claim that the coup that ousted him was conducted by the people who rescued him from capture.

The people of Haiti are not powerless puppets at the mercy of an omnipotent US military. They collectively make choices. If you wish to trace everything back to historical events, you will see that T'Saint's successful revolt there left its occupents free to do as they wish, and the result sadly included self-liberated people erecting a new slavery.

But we've all been "fondled by our uncles" and just as the bastards in England raised themselves up from subsequent brutal conquests by Romans, Vikings, and French, even the Hatians have responsibility for their own present and future. So far, Hatians only find liberty and prosperity by immigrating to the US and other such places.

Paul Hue said...


Can't refute this assessment of Bush failure in Iraq.

Nadir said...

"I am certain that the US did not sponsor the most recent Haitian coup."

Obviously you missed the part where US Marines went to the house of democratically-elected president Aristide and told him they were taking him off the island.


I suppose you also missed the fact that the current Haitian despot was a radio host in Miami before being installed as leader AFTER the coup.

Certainly the Haitian people have had a long and troubled history for which they are mostly responsible, however, you cannot deny the problems caused by outside interference...

Well, of course you can. That's your MO. It's always the darky's fault no matter who is oppressing or invading or occupying the nation, right, Paul?

Nadir said...

"It's always the darky's fault no matter who is oppressing or invading or occupying the nation, right, Paul?"

That's the case in Iraq, right, Paul? Those ignorant savages just won't sit down, shut up and be made into good democratic Christian capitalists who give their oil to the US oil firms, right?

Paul Hue said...

In Irag's three ethnic regions, one thrives and two flounder. The same US military and contractors work in all three areas. Eye-witness accounts from my darky friends has led me to conclude that these results stem from the behaviors of the local people.

In some cases I see darkies having poor circumstances imposed on them by honkies. This would include darkies in the US through about 1975. Today in the US an enormous fraction of darkies enjoy a great deal of prosperity. I do not attribute this success to the good works of honkies; I attribute it to the constructive efforts of the darkies themselves.

An example includes our darky friend Andrew, his darky grandmother, mother, and sister, all born poor Georgia sharecroppers. I blame honkies for the poverty of Andrew's darky grandmother. But I don't blame honkies for the poverty of Andrew's sister; nor do I credit honkies for Andrew's current and bourgening prosperity: I credit him.

Haiti prior to its revolution I blame the plight of the black folks there to the actions of honkies. But their successful revolution switched responsibility to themselves. Only a few honkey revolutions have advanced civilization. Most produced disgusting results like those in France and Russia. Haiti's, sadly, did as well.