Weekly News Roundup - Torture, Intell and Sex, Sex, Sex!!

It was a whacky week... Those crazy right-wingers!!!


Paul Hue said...

I have never claimed that the righties are any less prone to sexual deviancy -- including pederasty -- than the lefties. And I agree with those who believe that many anti-gay people are gay themselves. This includes USA christ-nuts who want merely to ban gays from military service, marriage, teaching, and adoption, and the mohammad cultists who want to execute gays.

Paul Hue said...

Because Mohammad promised not only 72 young virgin girls for those who pleased Allah (Nadir, did you know that "Allah" was the name of Mohammad's dad?), but also eternally young boys dressed in silk and doused in perfume, I suspect that Mohammad's sexual perversions included at least some forms of homosexuality.

Tom Philpott said...

It makes sad sense that institutions like the Catholic Church and the GOP, which present themselves as guardians of morality in a craven world, and denounce at every turn the free expression of people's sexual preferences, would attract highly repressed people who thunder publicly against "deviance" but then practice ever more damaging and aggressive forms of sexuality themselves.

Paul Hue said...

Tom: I agree with you here. I do not support the jesus freak wing of the repo party, as you know. I support the libertarian/libertine wing, headed by Christopher Hitchens.

I don't know for certain the extent of sexual depravity in organizations that make such a show of opposing it: is it equal to, less than, or worse, than general society? Certainly it ain't zero! I have even recently read that those darned Amish have lots of disgusting incest and kiddie rape.

Just imagine how much is going in those mosques, stocked as they are with people even more extreme in these regards than 10,000 Jerry Falwells. Have you read the Koran? Many pages devoted to sexual details, my friend.

Imagine how much sexual depravity you'd find amoungst those who seriously advocate -- and carry out -- summary beatings and executions of queers and "impure" women. Do you recall that incident in Pakistan about a year or so ago? A teen boy and girl walked together unescorted. A gang of elderly KKK-type retarded men adjudicated and implimented themselves the following penalty: they raped the boy's sister, for one thing. Did I read that they also raped the boy? And I think that they sentanced either the original "defiled" girl to death, or the girl that they raped.

Tom Philpott said...

No doubt fundamentalist Islam harbors its share of pervs. It's famous that in Hasidic sections of Brooklyn, there are thriving strip clubs devoted solely to the righteous.