Racist Dominicans Block Illegal Hatian Immigrants

And what about those Racist black South Africans, trying to block Zimbabweans from illegally jumping the border? In both cases these racist governments deny citizenship to children born to these illegal immigrants, and try to deny them access to government services. South Africans and Dominicans who oppose these immigrations are surely no better than the USA Minute Men: thugs, seeking to terrorize and frighten these immigrants, and perhaps even murder them, right, Nadir?

Who should decide a nation's immigration policy? Obviously: people on the other side of the border? How many Hatians should entier DR? Answer: However many Hatians want to cross. And they should get all DR services, and instantaneous citizenship. Any differing view certainly indicates racism. Tonight my daughters and I are going to move into Nadir's house, or at least camp on his front porch. We expect that since he's not a racist he will feed us and provide us with medical attention, should we need it. Who in the hell is Nadir to decide that we can't enter his property and stay as long as we want?

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