UMiami - FIU Football Fight's Obvious Implication

Seperate interscholastic sports from academics! Why are the top officials at U-Miami concerning themselves with anything other than improving the academic performance, population, and climate of their school? Why are they spending any time discussing a fight on a football field? Where does U-Miami's charter state that its mission includes fielding sports teams that compete for entertainment dollars with Major League Baseball, the National Football League, Disneyworld, and Hollywood? End the madness. Let the NFL create its own minor league. Who cares if the fans or alumni don't want this? They want something that is preposterous and illogical, and that undermines the premise -- or what ought to be -- of universities.

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Nadir said...

This fight definitely proves your argument on this regard. The NCAA added an extra game this year for big schools to play small schools that they would no doubt destroy.

Why? Money.

The small schools will make more from those games than they would from their regular games playing other small schools, and the big schools are just getting a couple extra hundred thousand.

What do the players get? Embarassment. Possible injuries. All for the greed of the university administrators.