Immigrant in US Mutilates Daughter's Vagina

One of several reasons that Bill Mahr rates "western culture" as superior to others. Last night on one of the cable talk shows the interviewer asked him about the popular lefty claim -- recently declared by Rosie O'Donnel on that unwatchable daytime ho show -- that "US extremist christians like Pat Robertson are just as bad as the radical muslims." Mahr gave the obvious sensible response, to wit: That's rediculous. In the US, radical christians try to convince voters to ban abortion and gay adoption. In muslim countries, state officials in the public square bury women accused of adultry up to their necks and crush their skulls with rocks, and decapitate men accused of gay sex.

I would correct Mahr's language "western culture", since many civilized countries are non-western, including South Korea, Tiawan, Japan, South Africa, and the Kurdish third of Iraq.

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